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Arcaeda Graphic Design

0410 745 394

Ravian Budde - Creative DirectorFrom its early beginnings in 2002, Arcaeda Design has been, and is always in the process of evolving to be able to meet the needs of the modern client.

Arcaeda is driven by Ravian Budde; creative director and general techno wizz.

With a passion for design, technology, photography and connecting with people, Ravian lectures Graphic Design and Photography at CATC College of Design, and has lectured for 5 years at the highly reputable Billy Blue School of Design

Having worked pre-press in the printing industry at Worldwide Online Printing, and running a small software development company; CoreMelt, Ravian is multi-skilled and has his fingers in many pies!

Check out Arcaeda Graphic Design's online portfolio to get an idea of some of our past work.

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