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Digital Media Consultancy

The world of mobile apps, native apps, web apps, websites, and digital publications can be confusing, and with the rapid change in technology, keeping up with the changes can be difficult.

With a love for everything digital, and over 5 years lecturing digital technologies at some of Sydney's leading design colleges, Arcaeda can provide your company with consultancy services to help you find your way into the world digital media.

If you are looking to bring your business into the digital world, or if you are a design agency who are looking to provide digital media services to your clients, Arcaeda can help you bridge the gap.

We provide research and reporting services in:

  • App design and development technologies - native apps, web apps, applets, widgets, etc.
  • Digital publications - iBooks, E-Pub, intewractive PDF's, Flash interactive publications, digital magazines, etc
  • Web technologies - websites, web apps, web programming languages, frameworks and API's, server technologies, and hardware.
  • Social Media - business use, platforms, consolidation, marketing, and analysis.

Make your transition into the world of Digital Media smoother by leveraging our experience.