Graphic design, brand development, website development, web hosting, domain management & web automation, digital media & game development*

*basically anything creative that involves technology!

Creative digital media for all!

Arcaeda aims to provide affordable creative digital media services to all customers, from the smallest one-person companies, to large business.

We offer end-to-end solutions starting from planning, to design, through to production and testing, all the way to live and ongoing maintenance.

What do we do


We offer consultancy, and infrastructure architecture services to find the best solutions to solve your digital media issues, in line with your budget and team needs.

  Build, test, deploy

We can manage your entire process from planning through to design, testing and final deployment, including all server setup, hosting and DNS requirements.

Future proof

Ongoing maintenance, upgrades, & re-designs are all essential to digital media projects, we can help you stay ahead of the curve, including keeping up with demand by scaling server assets as needed.

Services we offer

Creative design and planning

We dig deep to find the real problem you are looking to solve, and find creative solutions that suite your needs, solve your problems and meets your budget.


We can build your solutions according to your end product needs; whether that's print, video, web, or device specific, or cross-platform app, including any web infrastructure you may need in your solution.

Print or digital

Print media is still crucial for business, We offer creative and technical print services to take your ideas from design to final, print-ready product.

Coding solutions

We can take your creative digital ideas, and turn them into working code, whether you're deploying on web, mobile, or desktop.

Devices galore!

We live in the world of digital media, so we know what's new in the world of technology and can help you ensure you're hitting your whole target market, including the latest infrastructure tech to keep you on the cutting edge.

Deployment & maintenance

Deployment is always a crucial part of any digital media project, and we can help ensure it goes smoothly. Keeping your products updated and maintained is also important to ongoing success, and we can help you plan accordingly.

Video Games definantely aren't only for kids!

With the global video games market valued at upwards of US$118 billion, video gams definitely aren't childs play!
Video games are increasingly becoming a great marketing tool to engage your audience, and with mobile gaming being so prolific, now is the perfect time to get in on the action!

Visit our sister company, Shifty Pixels, for more information on our game development services.

Check out Shifty Pixels

Sell Out - a single screen, co-operative deatmatch!

Lex Talionis - a top-down, action adventure quest of a vengeful ghost...

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